To the editor:

Thank you for printing Brian Watson's opinion piece ("President Trump and our national character," Oct. 8). It fully captured the person who is the real Donald Trump. Over four years, I couldn't fathom how one man could be so mean-spirited, hostile to humankind and inept in his duties. I could go on, but I need not since Mr. Watson has done it for me and for all of us. If you haven't read his piece, you should before voting, if you continue to believe this man is fit to serve.

He is not and he never has been; and the thought of having to endure another four years of his "leadership" is too horrible to imagine. He didn't care four years ago, he doesn't care now, and he won't care if given another four years. Think of all those who would still be alive post-pandemic, if he had cared at all for anyone but himself. Truth, hard as it may be sometimes to embrace, always should win out over lies. Here's hoping truth will finally prevail in 2020.

A. Freitas



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