To the editor:

This is in response to “A new pledge,” the July 14 letter written by a Danvers resident who felt the need to inform her fellow citizens why she stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance “years ago.”

First of all, are you a teacher? Just curious, because where else would you have the opportunity, and great privilege, to recite these patriotic and heart-felt words? And if not, why are you even bringing this up? Are you just joining the crowd in expressing your anti-American sentiments?

Furthermore, if you are so dissatisfied and ashamed of this country, why are you still here? I bet you are making a living here, I bet you have a nice place to live, and I bet you’re doing OK. And even if you’re not, you are still living in the good ol’ USA, taking every opportunity you can to make things better for yourself.

You say “Tell me I don’t love my country and I’ll agree.” Wow. How sad for you that you don’t feel the pride and honor that most red-blooded, and patriotic Americans feel every time they recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or sing the national anthem. I’m guessing that song is not on your list either.

You justify this by saying that we are not the “America that represents truth, justice and equality for ALL.” I wholeheartedly disagree, and so do millions of Americans. Is our country perfect? Of course not. Are you perfect? Would you want your boss, or friends and family to judge you based only on your failures and not on your redeeming qualities or positive attributes? Would that be fair to you? Of course not, but yet that is the ridiculous standard upon which you base your rejection and refusal to say the ledge. A little hypocritical wouldn’t you say?

America is not a perfect nation, however, it is one nation under God, and was built on the blood, sweat and tears of our founders. It is not perfect, nor does it have to be to still qualify as the greatest nation on earth. We represent freedom, justice and liberty, with all of our faults and weaknesses. We are a work in progress and we have always strived to be better, and more just. It will never be perfect, but its damn good, and good enough for me, and my fellow patriots to always stand up with pride and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

You end your self-serving little rant with a final thought: “Say love it or leave it and I will say I will try my best to change it onto a thing I can love.” Well, millions of Americans have beat you to it. We ALREADY love “it” for all of its imperfections and transgressions. So maybe you can do yourself and us a favor and just leave “it.” Good luck finding somewhere better than where you are right now.

TM Williams




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