Letter: Democratic response to shootings the definition of insanity

John Locher/AP photoDemocratic presidential candidate Rep. Seth Moulton speaks at an event at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post, in Las Vegas.

To the editor:

Every news outlet is in a frenzy over the latest shootings. Trump is to blame because our Democratic delegation would never let a good tragedy go to waste.

Seth Moulton said, in the Aug. 6 edition of The Salem News, “Citizens don’t need guns to protect them from government — they need the government to step up and protect them from guns.” Really ? Wasn’t the point of the Second Amendment to ensure the people had the physical ability to overthrow a tyrannous government ? That’s exactly what you’ll get if the leftists have their way. They want to disarm Americans and weaken any possible opposition to a takeover of the government. Use tragedies like this to further a political agenda? Shameful. Don’t think it isn’t happening. It is. They aren’t interested in true solutions, just knee-jerk, politically motivated rhetoric to further their agenda. They think you’re stupid enough to believe them.

Why hasn’t the congressman or any other members of the Massachusetts delegation proposed any legislation to further mental health initiatives ? No sane person would do what the shooters in Dayton, El Paso or any of the mass shootings did. Why isn’t our delegation jumping up and down over making mental illness a national priority? Answer: because to fund it depletes the funds the Democrats use to fund their base. Planned Parenthood, Acorn and all the other organizations receiving your tax dollars would receive less or nothing. All our Massachusetts Democratic delegation can do is cry out for gun bans and further restrictions on the law-abiding citizen. It’s akin to blaming flies for garbage. Criminals will never give up their guns. Our delegation’s remedy to this issue is to weaken the “good guys.” Give that some thought. A better approach is to keep the mentally ill away from firearms. Recent red flag laws are a step in the right direction if exercised correctly.

Why has the news media not mentioned that the Dayton, Ohio, shooter was an Elizabeth Warren supporter? Instead they blame President Trump, calling him a racist and divider who caused these tragedies. Really? The news media is nothing short of the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. Most people know that now and understand why Trump calls the media “fake news.” You’ll never see the media call the shooter a Warren supporter who advocated socialism. That would be damaging to Zi Parti. All of these Pew polls the media is using to validate further gun restrictions saying 96% of Americans favor stricter gun control is bunk. Pew is funded by Michael Bloomberg, and others, who are ardent anti-gun advocates so these polls are politically motivated not factual. More fake news.

There’s an election in 18 months and the radical left will stop at nothing to retake control of the country and the media is more than willing to help them. The name calling, accusations of racism levied against the president, anything will be said to demean those who oppose Zi Parti’s objective of ultimate control of the government. Then, at that point, they’ll be free to redistribute your wealth you worked hard for. Student loans forgiven will be paid for by you the taxpayer. That’s redistribution of wealth. Illegal aliens housed, fed, educated, clothed with free health care ... come on into the country and we’ll get you to vote so we keep Zi Parti in business. That’s redistribution of wealth. Everything is free if you vote for us! Are people really that stupid? The Democrats say they’ll tax the rich to pay for free everything. The rich will just take their money offshore and with it jobs and economic prosperity. If they aren’t spending their money here. Good move.

Trump blames video games and the internet. That’s been highly criticized by our Democratic delegation. When we have a noticeable change in behaviors is it not unreasonable to assess what changed between then and now. Before the internet and violent video games it seemed like there was sensitivity and civility. People, even if they disagreed, were civil. Now there is incivility and insensitivity. That said, is Trump’s statement really totally off base? Maybe the government should move to Hollywood so DiNiro, Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore can run the country. They know what’s best for you. They are part of the problem. Make no mistake about it, glorifying violence in movies and video games, if not recognized as a significant contribution to the way we are now is a huge denial of reality.

The Massachusetts delegation offers only criticism and no solutions in the move toward socialism. That is the real face of the Democratic Party today evidenced by “The Squad” and all those who sympathize with them. It used to be that Democrats and Republicans could discuss an issue and come to some amicable resolution a little left or right of center. Now it’s an extreme swing and depends on the party of who brings up an issue. The other side becomes vehemently opposed to the idea regardless of its merits. It explains why the Democrats were, during Obama, in favor of a wall, deported more than 3 million illegal aliens and had detention centers just like we have today. Yet now that Trump, a Republican, is in office, he’s a family separator, racist, anti immigration and divider of the country. Funny how that works with an upcoming election.

What happened in El Paso and Dayton is truly a tragedy, but arguably is a byproduct of who we’ve become. Guns have been around for a long time and we didn’t have these problems before. We did have mental health institutions and funding for these places but that has dried up, the hospitals are disappearing and it isn’t a priority. No one wants to face that fact. They’d rather it just be swept under the carpet. Gun bans don’t work, as evidenced by the FBI’s study of the Clinton assault weapons ban. Insanity is described as the same event happening over and over with the expectation of a different outcome. Why can’t we take the initiative and address the real reasons we have these mass shootings? Ask your legislator why they aren’t doing more for mental health or better yet, vote them out and put someone in that will.

William Guzowski