To the editor:

As one of those “hang-dry evangelists” who has occasionally put on snow boots to go hang out laundry, I was disappointed in your Nov. 8 opinion piece against the “right-to-dry” bill (”All of this for a clothesline?”).

When it comes to property rights, we put all kinds of restrictions on condo associations. Depending on the situation, a certain number of parking spaces may be required for a development, or setbacks from neighbors, etc.

We are so unaware of where our energy comes from, or its real cost, that most of us look down on line-drying as an activity for the poor, or only for the “eco-freak.” If every time we turned on a switch powered by fossil fuels we had to simultaneously calculate the additional lung damage done by those emissions, or the likelihood of passing a point-of-no-return toward catastrophic climate change, we might think twice and grab some clothespins instead of turning on the dryer. But those consequences are not clear to us, and the artificially low prices of fossil fuels do not take them into account.

In the meantime, those who do want to take the small step of line-drying their clothes, wherever they live, deserve legislative support.

Mary Memmott


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