To the editor:

An online petition by “a group of concerned parents” seeks to bar the Masconomet School Committee’s recent equity and anti-racism resolution. The School Committee’s purpose is noble: “... To ensure that our Masconomet students and community have the experiences necessary to be aware, thoughtful, active participants in a diverse global environment, comprehend the repercussions of racism, respect and celebrate differences, strive for equity, dismantle racist and unjust systems, and work to lift up all members of humanity to solve the problems that plague our communities, country and world.”

A school district’s goal should be nothing less than to equip its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make the world fair and just for everyone, not just those with power and privilege. The petition rails against “indoctrination” and “the woke narrative that is erupting across our nation.” This is just the latest example of the fear-mongering propaganda that has hijacked our national discourse. What’s more, the petitioners seem to cast a good education and an anti-racist education as mutually exclusive. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For as long there have been people fighting for racial justice, there have been those who actively oppose them. It is sad that today, in 2021, more than 60 years after the civil rights movement, there are still those who feel threatened by the prospect of racial equity. If two negatives make a positive, then an anti- anti-racist movement is, by definition, racist. I, for one, will not be signing the petition.

Ben Adelman



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