To the editor:

One year ago this weekend, I saw “Unplanned” at a local movie theater. I was at the time a volunteer for 40 Days for Life and had been a part of the Lenten Campaign in Beverly. Very moved and motivated by the movie, I did an extra shift in prayer and fasting that week at the Health Quarters clinic.

After a brief time there, a young man approached me and thanked me for being there. He also brought me two hot sandwiches purchased nearby and told me how much my public presence meant to him. “My wife was eight months pregnant when she was killed in a car accident last year,” he told me, “Seeing you here gives me great hope that I will see them again. I do believe in the sanctity of life. Thanks again for being here!”

This was before COVID-19, so I asked if I might pray for him and hugged him and did so when he responded affirmatively. I have never seen him again in the months to follow but I am sure that he was sent to encourage me to always fast and pray for those who drive by. Only God can know their stories!

John J. Kwiatek


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