To the editor:

This is in response to the Dec. 30 story “EPA settles with groups over pollution control.”

The article on the Environmental Protection Agency reaching a deal with environmentalists, local officials and developers on stormwater runoff rules wrongly suggests that the home building community was driven by cost and financial impact alone.

The reality is that the proposed settlement represents a victory that will keep our waters clean and enhance housing affordability, even within regulated municipalities. Unnecessary or overly burdensome regulations account for nearly 25 percent of the price of building a single-family home and more than 30 percent of the cost of a typical multifamily development. Home builders believe in cost-effective regulations that protect the environment.

So, throughout this process we advocated with municipalities to achieve common-sense solutions that lessen the cost burden on local government and homeowners while allowing municipalities to implement an effective construction site and post-construction stormwater program that does not drive new development and revitalization away from urban areas.

By allowing developers to use several techniques to treat stormwater that runs off newly developed properties within regulated municipalities, this proposed settlement is a constructive solution that will reduce water pollution and ensure that housing costs are not prohibitive for home builders and home buyers alike, regardless of location.

Mathew Anderson


Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Massachusetts


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