To the editor:

I would like to take an opportunity to extend my appreciation to Beverly’s Ward 3 voters.

Thank you for taking the time to vote in the recent preliminary election. I deeply appreciate the trust and confidence you have shown me this year and throughout the past 10 years as your School Committee representative. As the most experienced, dedicated and transparent candidate in the Ward 3 City Council race, I am asking for your vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Over the years, as a Beverly resident, parent, neighbor, volunteer, elected official and health advocate, I’ve made informed decisions based on extensive research, feedback from peers and constituents, and a desire to understand the needs of the entire city. As an elected official, I have made tough budget decisions under financial constraints that prioritized programs and student resources, considered fees, addressed facility and field updates, and afforded us a new middle school. My experience with city and state elected officials and local community volunteers exposes me to many viewpoints and much information. I always keep an open mind and remember the needs of my constituents.

I have what it takes to be your next Ward 3 city councilor.

As a parent, I was inspired by my first-hand knowledge of school budget challenges and driven to become a voice for teachers and families. My path took me from being a Cub Scout den leader and vice president of the McKeown School PTO to becoming a volunteer citizen adviser to the School Committee, a funding and rights advocate at the Statehouse, and finally to being elected to five terms as your Ward 3 School Committee representative—the last two terms as peer-elected President.

During my School Committee tenure, there have been no cuts to programming. We lowered fees, especially the kindergarten fee. We increased sports offerings. Our school district is a model that other districts look to for inspiration. The experience of managing half the city’s budget for the schools will be invaluable on the council.

I am a career health and human services professional, working for Hogan Regional Center for almost 40 years and supporting residents part-time in a group home in Beverly for 14 years. I have volunteered countless hours for decades for community organizations and served on myriad committees and task forces for various issues, including Beverly Public Schools music program, Be Healthy Beverly, Beverly Public Schools Strategic Planning, Briscoe Reuse project, STEM enrichment, and addiction prevention. I will take what I have learned from my all my experiences and bring it to City Hall to make a difference for all of Ward 3.

I value Beverly’s hard-working families and I work hard for everyone. I have lived with my husband, Joel, and our sons, Ben and Eli, and been active in Ward 3 for 23 years. Even if we disagree, you can trust me to make decisions based on all the information I can find. I will continue to stand up for what is right, spend my evenings and weekends researching issues, attending events, celebrating our successes and standing up for those who don’t have a voice. I am a thoughtful advocate for Ward 3 and value integrity, kindness and respectful dialogue.

You can always expect each decision and vote I make to be informed by my research and the concerns of my constituents, and that I will be able to clearly articulate the reasoning behind any and all decisions. I appreciate open and direct input that provides new perspective and will always work to build consensus.

The majority of my campaign funding comes from my friends, neighbors, and valued constituents right here in Ward 3, and my campaign strives to support Ward 3 businesses and union shops, when feasible.

For those who voted and voted for me, thank you again for your confidence. For those who did not vote, I hope you will turn out and that I can earn your vote on November 5th.

Kris Silverstein


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