To the editor:

There’s a word for those who would take up arms against our government, and it’s not “patriots.” If you have a gun to protect yourself against someone regulating your gun, then what you love isn’t America, or freedom, but your gun.

You don’t have to read very far into Mr Guzowsi’s letter that he’s a victim of Donald Trump’s strategy of instilling fear into the minds of America while he picks our pockets. Mr. Guzowski wants to preserve his ability to “overthrow a tyrannous government” because that’s what we’ll have if “the leftists have their way.” He’s been made fearful of people who want to “disarm Americans and weaken any possible opposition to a takeover of (by?) the government.” He’s afraid Democrats, blacks, Hispanics, women, LGBT folks, the disabled are all trying to take over and run the country and the way to protect ourselves from it is with our Second Amendment protected guns. Mr. Guzowski has fallen for Trump’s fear mongering and that’s the definition of insanity.

Rick Grandoni