To the editor:

As a former candidate for Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District, many people have asked me which congressional and senatorial candidates I will be supporting in the Sept. 1 primary.

Because of my background as a teacher, activist, scientist and engineer and my 20 plus years of work developing and implementing environmental solutions and policies, I was recruited to run for Congress in January of 2019. Because of my stance on the issues, underscored by the many endorsements I earned from progressive organizations, progressive leaders, and climate groups, I can say with confidence I was the most progressive candidate in the race.

The climate emergency, education, healthcare and immigrant rights were my reasons for running, and they are central to my decision to support Congressman Seth Moulton and endorse U.S. Sen. Ed Markey for reelection.

In my opinion, especially during a pandemic, unless you are for Medicare For All you cannot call yourself a true progressive. Unfortunately, none of the three remaining Democratic candidates support Medicare For All. Seth, however, was one of the first members of Congress to sign onto the Green New Deal. Of the three remaining Democratic congressional candidates, only Seth has included some of my environmental policies in his platform while giving me full credit for them, and, thanks to his science background, he is one of the only members of Congress to understand and adopt the carbon negative approach I campaigned on. Only Seth has the full backing of Vice President Biden (who is a close ally of his and even campaigned for him in 2014). If Biden wins in November, Congressman Moulton will be in the strongest position to rapidly implement the climate solutions we are working on and that our district, our country, and our planet need to meet the climate emergency. Additionally, only Seth has shown a clear understanding of how racial justice, housing, and jobs are all climate issues.

Therefore, even though I ran against him, I will be voting for, working with, and supporting Seth Moulton for reelection. As for the Senate race, there is no question in my mind who is better equipped for the job. Markey is for Medicare For All and has been a tireless environmental champion for decades, and so he has my full endorsement.

On a personal note, three years ago when our children were lead poisoned, Seth Moulton was the only member of the Massachusetts’ Democratic Party to work with me to update our state’s lead poisoning legislation, which had not been in compliance with CDC mandates for 18 years. Do we agree on everything? No, but Seth has demonstrated a willingness to accept constructive criticism, find common ground, and get things done. He has the will, the critical connections and background necessary to make things (like the Green New Deal) a reality.

I am humbled that so many progressive voters have offered to write me in, or just skip voting, but I implore you not to do this. This election is far too important, and the stakes are too high. In 2012 our seat became Democratic by 1% (46.4% to 45.3%). In this election, the Republican challenger and fervent Trump supporter has raised more money than all candidates other than Moulton and, has secured more small ($200 or less) donations than all three Democratic candidates. Another issue that concerns me is our district has historically had a tragically low voter turnout (8.84% in 2016). With COVID-19 that number is likely to be lower. With many Republicans not believing in the pandemic, there is a real chance that more of them will vote in November than Democrats. We need the strongest Democratic candidate possible, and this why voting in this primary is more important than ever.

Would I have preferred to be your representative in Congress? Absolutely. Almost as much as I would have liked to have seen Bernie Sanders become our president. The reality, however, is that we have critical issues that we cannot wait two or four years to address and we cannot cede these elections to the Republican Party. Be it by mail, drop box or in person, I implore you all to vote.

D. Nathaniel Mulcahy



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