To the editor:

One of the few real bright sides of the unfolding national political horror movie has been the way it is helping drive new, interesting and unexpected candidates for office locally. Salem should be proud of drawing so many quality candidates for office this fall, including for School Committee and City Council.

The race for at-large city councilor is among the hottest we’ve seen in years and I think we have an exciting opportunity to bring in some new ideas, a more collaborative spirit and a commitment to work together toward a shared vision for the future of our city. I’ve been particularly encouraged by the candidacy of Ty Hapworth and am glad to be supporting him in the upcoming preliminary election.

Ty is just the kind of person we should be encouraging to run for office in Salem. He has significant leadership experience, common-sense smarts and a clear commitment to our city and its future. In speaking with him one-on-one, I saw he has the intellectual curiosity, willingness to listen and collaborate and common-sense temperament we need on the Council.

I’ve also been impressed by the tireless campaign he is running for Council, knocking on doors and meeting his neighbors the way it should be done.

I hope you consider joining me in supporting Ty Hapworth in the Sept. 17 preliminary election – to help make Salem work for everyone in our city.

David Guarino


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