To the editor:

In her Aug. 19 letter, Gail Burke says she is “tired of hatred from the left.” I read her column carefully and found it to be quite full of the emotion she decries. She seems to find hate everywhere (except from the far right) and complains that another letter writer said the president might refuse to leave the White House if he loses. Actually the president has refused to say when questioned if he would leave the White House if he loses. Is he playing dangerous mind games or does he plan not to leave?

Burke uses the word Marxist to describe the Black Lives Matter movement and artfully lumps those protesters with the cowardly thugs who use the cover of the BLM movement to come out in the darkness and violently loot and destroy. They are criminals s who should be arrested for what they are doing, but they are not the BLM protesters. “Good trouble” (as John Lewis called active protesting for justice and equality) is what the BLM protesters are doing—but those who only see hatred from the left cannot see the difference between the protesters and the criminals

Burke seems to be OK when the president insults and ridicules people who do not praise him. The handicapped, the people who do not look like him, the media (excepting Fox News) and especially smart women journalists who ask questions he does not want to hear (and either insults them or angrily ignores them). She finds hatred in the clergy, but ignores the president’s praise of the QAnon cult, saying “they like me.” I guess it’s OK that the president is just fine with an organization of hate and destruction which believe liberals may be kidnapping babies and committing other nefarious activities. Actually, the present administration is ripping babies and young children from their mothers in the name of protecting us from immigrants. So maybe that’s why he feels so comfortable with QAnon, calling one member a “rising star” in the Republican ranks.

I do not hate the president but I am so fearful of what he might do to avoid being a loser. Burke says “now is the time to stand up for our country…” I believe that we need to this this, but the president stands up mostly for himself and his family/allies. That is not leadership; it is self-interest. As a proud first-generation American who voted for Eisenhower, I am very afraid of what this president and his adoring supporters might do during these next seven weeks to insure that he is not a “loser” in November.

Paula Garabedian Wall





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