To the editor:

U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham says the impeachment inquiry process is what Donald Trump says it is — a lynching! The senator from South Carolina should know about lynching. There were hundreds of lynchings in his state during the dark times when lynching of black people was often an “entertainment” for the white people who came to applaud, cheer and celebrate. Parents took their children to the “entertainment” to watch a black person dangle from a tree, a rope twisted around his/her neck (yes, black women were lynched and sometimes raped first) while people laughed. Postcards of lynching became collectors’ items.

If only those black men and women could have been impeached instead of being lynched. How grateful they would have been to be impeached — a process that is constitutional and orderly and bears no relation to a lynching whatsoever. Alas, lynching is a term all too often used without any understanding of its horrific history.

Thus, in 1991, Clarence Thomas called his hearing for a Supreme Court justice position, a “ high tech lynching;” in 1998, U.S. Sen. Joe Biden called President Clinton’s impeachment a “partisan lynching.” And now Donald Trump proclaims that the impeachment inquiry over his apparent law-breaking behavior is a lynching. Given his reputation as a showman, it is entirely possible that he is proclaiming he is being lynched in order to distract the media and the people from what he has been doing to our country. Will it work? One can only hope and pray that justice will win over deception and bullying.

Paula Garabedian Wall


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