To the editor:

As a grateful alumnus of the Prep, I take offense at your implications that all students of the Prep, past and present, may have undergone sexual abuse at the hands of their teachers there (”12 with ties to St. John’s Prep on sex abuse list,” July 15). The Prep is the finest high school on the North Shore. Heard it praised greatly during my childhood, including by my pediatrician, an alum whose sons were my friends while we were all students there. There was no other high school which I wished to attend so much.

Finally, winning a half-tuition academic scholarship, based on my score on the admissions exam, enabled my parents to send me there.

While there may have been allegations of involuntary sexual abuse against 12 men who taught there, I never experienced any such abuse. These men also taught at the other Xaverian schools. If any of these Brothers did indeed abuse any students, there is no way to prove that it happened at the Prep, since the Xaverians run several high schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere, including the Prep, Malden Catholic, St. John’s in Shrewsbury and Xaverian Westwood. Having been members of a fraternal order, they were shifted between the Xaverian schools, thus, if any Brother alleged to have committed such crimes was guilty, it could have happened at a variety of places, not just the Prep.

The school has functioned for 112 years, thus allegations against 12 former faculty members (only two of whom live on), a tiny percentage of the faculty members over that period, only two of whom live on does not imply that any current or future Prep students are in danger from the mostly lay teachers of both genders.

Edward McMorrow

St. John’s Prep Class of 1980