To the editor:

I am writing in response to Tom Furey’s Jan. 4 letter (”Time to honor Napierkowski”). Everything he said is absolutely true. The years Cindy Napierkowski has devoted to the students at Salem High School have been epic. The lives she has touched and changed can’t be counted. She is a treasure to our city.

I’ve seen this first-hand with my grandson, who is now in his second year in the music program -- he is just a freshman. He’s turned from a shy, quiet kid to a very outgoing, confident young man who is anxious and eager to try new music endeavors.

Cindy also has an exceptional team supporting her all the way -- including teachers and parents -- doing their part to support the kids. It’s tremendous to see.

When one person can have this much of an effect on so many in one city -- she certainly deserves to be honored and I agree with Tom -- name the stage after her.

The Napierkowski Performing Arts Center has a nice ring to it.

Marie Goreham


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