To the editor:

During my time in office as mayor of Peabody, I have largely avoided wading into political fights outside our city. My focus has always been on working hard every day with passion and compassion to continue to make this city a great place to live, work and raise a family. It’s for that reason that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and proudly endorsing my friend, Joe Kennedy, for U.S. Senate.

I am endorsing Joe because each time I have met him and each time he has come to our city, he has shown up to listen. With Joe, he has always viewed his visits to our city and our businesses not as a chance to grow his political profile, but as a genuine opportunity to hear directly from the people of Peabody. I know that when the rubber meets the road and Peabody’s small businesses, schools and residents need a partner in Washington, we can count on Joe to deliver for our city. Few know better than Joe that Peabody is on the move and our residents are willing to work hard for the opportunity to do right by themselves and their families. All we ask for in return is a fair shot and a senator willing to work as hard as we do.

Nobody is willing to work as hard for Peabody in Washington as Joe Kennedy.

For me, Peabody comes first. It is for that reason that I am respectfully asking you to send Joe Kennedy to the U.S. Senate. For our commonwealth, for the North Shore, for Peabody -- join me in voting for Joe.

Ted Bettencourt




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