To the editor:

In the beginning of this Democratic Senate primary I had no intentions on volunteering for either campaign. Like most voters, my attention was on the presidential primary race and the pandemic.

Then I had the opportunity to hear Joe Kennedy speak. Following the Black Lives Matter rally in Beverly, Congressman Kennedy met with several organizers and speakers in Salem. The first question he was asked by a Salem teacher was, “Why should we trust you?” His response was “Well, I’m here.” Following that exchange was an hourlong conversation on race and inequality here in our commonwealth. Kennedy did not lecture, he did not grandstand, and he did not pontificate. He listened. He showed empathy. He showed compassion.

He owned his white privilege and the privilege of his name. He shared how his children have parents that can afford pre-K and early childhood care giving them automatic advantages over those families who cannot afford to send their kids to private preschool. The cost of early childcare is something that resonates with many of us and it is just one of the issues that Kennedy is fighting to address.

We have the benefit of living in a state where we have two candidates for U.S. Senate that would make many Americans proud and I thank U.S. Sen. Ed Markey for his years of service.

I am voting for Joe Kennedy because I believe that he will fight and deliver for all of us.

John Mullady





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