To the editor:

The Democratic primary for U.S. Senate shouldn’t be about Joe Kennedy’s family, or about Ed Markey’s family. It should be about our families. Families in Massachusetts, and around the country, deserve leadership that knows us, understands our priorities, and cares. As a former elected official in Sen. Markey’s House district (Everett common councilor, 2008-13), and a current constituent in Salem, I believe that Joe Kennedy is the leader our families need.

Sen. Markey is not a bad person, but he is just not here for our families. There have been some glaring examples of this, including the father of D.J. Henry publicly discussing the ways that Markey dismissed his family after D.J. was murdered, and Colin Bower publicly describing Markey’s absence when Bower’s sons were kidnapped. But Markey’s everyday absence is also important.

As an elected official and a constituent, I had barely seen Markey. Globe reporting shows Markey spends approximately 30% of his time in the Commonwealth. By Massachusetts tax law, Markey is not a resident of the state he is supposed to represent.

Kennedy spends 70% of his time here, and travels the state almost constantly, whether or not it’s an election year. Here at home and across the country, Kennedy is fighting beside us, for our families -- on health care, racial and all justice, and a clean climate. Local leaders and national icons (including Congressman John Lewis and Martin Luther King III) trust and endorse him, and so do I. Our families need Joe Kennedy

D.J. Napolitano



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