To the editor:

The Salem News must have been in need of filler material on Aug. 12 to devote nearly half of the editorial page to the maunderings of one William Guzowski. I would not presume to take up that much space, so I will mention only a few of his silly statements.

“Criminals will never give up their guns.” (Therefore we should pass no laws to control guns.) By the same reasoning, it is futile to put up stop signs, or to prohibit murder, since some people won’t obey the law.

After stating that all mass murderers are insane, Mr. Guzowski points out that “the Dayton, Ohio, shooter was an Elizabeth Warren supporter,” but “you’ll never see the media (say that).” If you’ll never see the media say that, how did Mr. Guzowski find it out? The media reported it widely, along with the shooter’s support of Satan and his murder of his own sister, who was dating a black man. If all mass murderers are crazy, how is it important that this nut spoke favorably of Senator Warren?

Interestingly, Mr. G. didn’t mention the El Paso shooter, who made it totally clear that he supports Trump, and drove 650 miles from Dallas to an El Paso Walmart, where he knew he could find and kill numerous Hispanic “invaders,” using Trump’s term.

According to many studies, only about one-fourth of mass shooters have a diagnosed mental illness. The El Paso shooter just wanted to kill a lot of dark-skinned people. Some of us might want to think that all Trump supporters are mentally ill, but technically we are wrong.

Mr. Guzowski spoke twice about the “Zi Parti,” which wants “ultimate control of the government.” I can’t find anything about this on the internet. If the Salem News knows what it is, please enlighten us. If it doesn’t, I question the wisdom of publishing that part of Mr. Guzowski’s letter.

The gentleman condemns “name calling.” He appears to be referring to some suggestions that Trump is a racist, which he is, but not to the thousand and one examples of name calling on the part of Trump, such as “Pocahontas,” “Lying Ted,” and many, many more.

Mr. G. makes lots of other nonsensical or incorrect statements, but I will close by saying that I think The Salem News erred in printing his gibberish.

Mark W. Freeman



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