To the editor:

This evening, while I was watching the news, it was reported that the CEO of The Boeing Company was being fired. During his tenure there were two awful tragedies of the Boeing 737 Max crashing, killing 346 people.

What motivated me to express my opinion was a follow up report that the CEO may receive a compensation package worth $40 million! Unbelievable, but I guess it happens all the time when CEOs are let go. Yet I wonder if this most recent fired CEO would entertain this idea: Take his expected windfall and humbly give $115,000 to each family that was affected by this tragedy. Money will not bring back people’s loved ones but this unique gesture may add a great sense of thoughtfulness and caring to all those who are grieving. It would simply show that he cares and is truly sorry for their loss. A real act of humanity.

Jim Prato


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