To the editor:

I am writing in support of Salem’s Ward 2 councilor, Kristine Madore, and to correct a few assertions made in Scott Hiltunen’s Oct. 26 letter regarding write-in candidate of Stacia Kraft (”Kraft knows Ward 2). In the end, his letter seemed to boil down to the idea that not everyone has gotten their way in Ward 2, and they aren’t happy about it. But almost by definition this would mean that most feel that they “have” been heard, and I think a strong case can be made that this is the reality you’d find across this ward. Kristine Madore’s record of hard work and positive solutions absolutely deserves a second term.

From the first month she was elected Kristine has sent out detailed Ward 2 monthly newsletters (and notices in between), the first Ward 2 councilor to do this. In the last two years Kristine has worked time and again to find solid, workable solutions to the city’s challenges. While no councilor can satisfy every resident’s preferences, I think it’s clear that she tries her best to find middle ground on every issue that comes up. Kristine’s record of effectiveness might help explain why Ms. Kraft chose to run at the literal 11th hour in the campaign season.

Starting this late avoids needing to go beyond soundbites and platitudes, or having to work out any of the details. As just one example regarding climate change mitigation, Ms. Kraft suggests we might “uncover street cobblestones and bricks which are water permeable.” But doing so would render them non-compliant with ADA law, more difficult to plow in winter, and require more frequent maintenance. Then again, maybe none of this matters if her campaign is really just be a voice for “no” in the council.

I believe most voters understand progress is incremental and almost never easy. We want practical solutions, which Kristine has shown time and again she is committed to. When my family moved here 15 years ago, Salem was more “potential” than “reality” in terms of being a great place to live and work. Revenue was down, debt was up, schools were at the bottom, and investment was flat. Over that time we’ve become a vibrant city with a healthy economy and on an obviously positive trajectory. Ward 2 Councilor Kristine Madore wants build on this and to make sure that such progress isn’t rolled back. I urge my fellow voters to keep her in office!

Doug Bowker


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