To the editor:

When I went to the Ward 2 councilors’ forum on Tuesday night, it was to support Councilor Christine Madore. As a resident of Ward 2 and the owner of a small business in Ward 2, she already had my vote. Christine has proven herself to be a dedicated public servant who brings passion for local government and expertise in urban planning to the City Council. Her answers at the forum were well-informed and based in objective reality. She has always kept me up to speed with her emails and lets me know when there are meetings with agendas that align with my interests.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Stacia Kraft but I can say that I was not impressed with her answers, which I found glib, not well researched and in some cases based completely on anecdotal evidence. I was astonished by answers to key questions about affordable housing centering around her personal experiences with first-time home loans and an inability to qualify for a credit card. While I understand this attempt at populism, I remain unconvinced that you she is qualified to hold one of 11 precious seats on our City Council.

Christine Madore knows how to guide Salem into the future, and it’s not by clinging to old ideas. She looks at all the possibilities for solving the complex problems we face and acts from a place of awareness and understanding. As a voter, I expect more from our elected officials than anecdotes and Christine Madore delivers.

Erica Feldmann


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