To the editor:

With regard to replacing a portrait of Andrew Jackson with one of a Naumkeag individual, even possibly a woman (omigod), local attorney John Carr implies in his Oct. 28 letter that it must be because he was a slave owner.

No, Mr. Carr, Jackson is infamous for other things. I would venture to say that he was the first president before Trump to disgrace the White House with extremely boorish behavior, thumbing his nose at polite customs. But that is not his greatest accomplishment, either. His greatest accomplishment is savage and inhuman treatment of indigenous people. After exterminating numerous “Indians,” Jackson sent the Cherokee, the most advanced of all the indigenous tribes, on the Trail of Tears, the long march from the east to Oklahoma. All suffered; many died. The Cherokee had long lived in peace with the white man, but a little gold was found in their territory, which was the main reason for the Trail of Tears.

Mark Freeman


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