To the editor:

After reading Stacy Ames’ letter to the editor (“Kennedy a moral leader,”,Aug. 21), I feel compelled to write a response defending Sen. Markey’s support for the Green New Deal. I am sure that Ames’ support of Rep. Kennedy is sincere, but several points in her letter deserve scrutiny.

First, Ames’ statement: “Only one candidate voted for the Green New Deal. Joe Kennedy” implies that Sen. Markey did not support it; in fact, he co-sponsored it with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Sen. Markey voted “present” rather than voting for the resolution, along with most other Democratic senators. Why? Because it was the best option for Democrats given that Mitch McConnell was pushing to rush the vote without a hearing in order to put Democrats on the record during an election year, although it was sure to be defeated by Republicans.

This was not “posturing” on Sen. Markey’s part, as implied by Ms. Ames; if it was, he was in good company. And, since Rep. Kennedy is in the House, how he could have voted for the Green New Deal since the resolution has not come to a vote in the House? Perhaps it was another, related matter?

Yes, Sen. Markey has been in Congress for 40-plus years and for that, I am grateful. He’s been a true champion of environmental and progressive causes throughout his tenure in Congress, securing endorsements from the Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, and many others.

Vote for Ed Markey on Sept 1.

Mary Reilly



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