To the editor:

The recent conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd is an important victory for the Black Lives Matter cause. Finally a police officer will be held accountable for violence against a Black man. Finally the system that has turned a blind eye as Black men die will be called into question through legal action.

But as allies of the Black Lives Matter movement celebrate this momentous moment, it is crucial that we do not forget we still have far more work to do before we can claim that justice has been served.

What about Breonna? Last year, months before the murder of George Floyd, another black person was murdered -- a Black women named Breonna Taylor. Taylor’s death has served as a footnote in the protests against the death of Floyd. Her death did not spark as much outrage as his, and as Floyd’s killer lives behind bars, Taylor’s will roam free.

Black women have been facing police brutality as long as Black men have but we don’t hear their names nearly as frequently as their male counterparts’. According to The Washington Post, nearly 250 women have been fatally shot by police since 2015. Some of these women include Natasha McKenna, Alexia Christian, Gabriela Nevarez, Yvette Smith, India Kager, and most recently Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old-child. Let us continue the work by ensuring that Black women and girls like Ma’Khia Bryant get the justice they deserve.

Julia Norcross




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