To the editor:

I am writing to commend and congratulate Seth Moulton for running for president.

I heard the same argument in 1958 when U.S. Sen. John F. Kennedy declared his candidacy. The state would suffer by his constant campaigning across the country. He was too young and inexperienced. Even though he served in the House and the Senate, and was awarded the Purple Heart for his PT 109 heroism.

Now our hard-working congressman is facing the same odds of beating the old guard in the primaries in February 2020. As a lifelong Democrat, I was very proud to support Congressman John Tierney, who was respected and recognized for his 18 years of hard work and passion for our district. It really takes courage, compassion, commitment and concern to run for office. Congressman Moulton is truly a breath of fresh air on the local and national issues. He has been visible, vocal and active throughout our district. Just walk into his modern, high-tech office. His professional staff drops everything and asks “How may we help you?”

I tried breaking the log jam to get someone overdue citizenship, and his energetic team went to work to make a proud citizen. He stands passionately and professionally on a host of issues. His Harvard education background and his distinguished service in Iraq are exemplary and exceptional. In the final analysis, this election will be defining and seminal. He is a young and courageous David going against Goliath.

Young Jack Kennedy broke the odds by entering the primaries and now young Seth Moulton is doing it in the 21st century. He, too, has a beautiful wife and daughter but is running for their future and our future. We are in the longest war in our history, which he volunteered for. Now more than ever we need him to run for president. If not now, when? If not him, who?

His future is bright and challenging and so is ours. Thank you, Seth, for being a profile in courage to run in 2020. We are a better district, state and country with Seth. I am a proud and excited supporter.

After 36 years in local elected office, I will be honored and privileged to vote for Seth for president.

Thomas H. Furey

City councilor at-large