To the editor:

The Massachusetts primary is almost here (Sept. 1), and I support incumbent Seth Moulton in his bid to continue his dynamic representation of our 6th District in Congress.

Born and raised in this district, Seth has a deep understanding of the important issues of concern to his constituents. As a Marine, and subsequently a legislator, Seth has dedicated himself to public service, and will continue to be a strong champion for our citizens in these turbulent and confusing times.

One reason I personally support Seth is his empathy for and willingness to take action on behalf of those who are so often marginalized in our society. When advocating for the rights of the mentally ill, the LGBTQ+ community and so many other disenfranchised groups, Seth brings a strong sense of purpose and integrity to the fight.

Seth recognizes the importance of education. As a former adult literacy tutor, I have seen how important education is on an individual basis. But I also recognize that the young people we are educating today are the decision-makers of my future, and I would like them to have wide-ranging analytic tools to make sensible and compassionate decisions.

For these reasons, and more, I support Seth Moulton as our returning congressman in the 6th District of Massachusetts, and I urge all residents to vote on Sept. 1 and Nov. 3!

Jan Brick



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