To the editor:

Calls for the state to subsidize our recreational marijuana industry will just add to the wrong-headed approach taken so far by the governor (”Pot shops may get state aid,” May 6 ). By banning recreational pot sales (while leaving liquor stores open) here are some of the things that have been accomplished:

First, the governor has opted to forego an estimated $200 million in tax revenue, plus smaller shares for host communities, at a time when revenues have crashed.

Second, he has revived the illegal marijuana industry by depriving people of a source for their favorite vice.

Third, he has driven many people, myself included, to Dr. Bombay, or Dr. Feelgood, or in my case an online nurse practitioner with nothing better to do than to listen to my symptoms, take my $150, and grant me a one-year medical marijuana ID, to be renewed at a price one year from now. I have to wonder how many patients these medical heroes see fit to deny their blessing?

Lastly, he has crushed a nascent industry employing hundreds and growing like a weed (excuse my pun). Let’s hope that one of the first actions taken to open up our economy will be a common-sense one to open up our pot shops. And when the dust settles, I would love to see an investigation of the “Prescriptions are Us” medical scrip market raking in money for nothing.

Peter Willwerth


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