To the editor:

On Aug. 31, a “Straight Pride Parade” was held in downtown Boston. One commentator observed that it looked more like a Trump rally than anything else. Clearly, the main float was emblazoned with “Trump 2020” and was surrounded by MAGA (”Make America Great Again”) flags and placards. It isn’t hard to read between the lines: this has more to do with the far right’s political agenda than jubilation over “normative” sexual orientation.

Supporters of “straight pride,” which is sponsored by an organization known as Super Happy Fun America, view their movement much the same way that neo-Nazis, the Aryan Nations and the Ku Klux Klan look at “white pride.” It is about bolstering supremacy and embracing the hatred of those who are different.

Gay pride and black pride are more about celebrating liberation from oppression and institutional discrimination than being elated about one’s sexual orientation or race. The real pride runs deeper than who one loves or the pigment of a person’s skin. It is about moving from the margins of society to the center. It is a way of saying, “We are part of America, too. We bring diversity to the table of sister and brotherhood. You can no longer use violence against us and legitimize it by prejudice or historic precedent.”

Super Happy Fun America says something different. Their website uses and mocks the word “tolerance” while claiming to be “an oppressed majority.” By definition, majorities are not oppressed, unless they are part of a totalitarian regime. They may fear sharing the public square with those who are different, but that is not the same as subjugation.

Don’t be fooled: Super Happy Fun America is a hate group and their ludicrous pride parades are only missing people wearing white sheets carrying burning crosses.

The Rev. Dr. John Tamilio III



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