To the editor:

Over the past year Massachusetts has had the good fortune to receive a boatload of “stimulus” money from the feds. A recent report in The Salem News indicates that the governor is planning to divert some of these funds to fix “antiquated infrastructure.” In addition to the stimulus money the president has promised much more money for infrastructure improvements.

I’m a Beverly resident. My home on Bass River Road sits 200 feet from 70-year-old antiquated infrastructure. I’m referring to Route 128, which hasn’t seen any real improvements in Beverly since it was laid out in the ‘40s. Today it handles thousands of cars a day on the same two-lane road. It’s long past time to add another travel lane on the road from Peabody to Beverly Exit 47. That would alleviate the worst traffic for commuters.

Of more immediate concern is relief from the relentless road noise for those of us who have homes close to the highway, dozens of which are less than 100 feet from the road. The road noise only gets worse with no respite in sight. Noise barriers have been added in Danvers and Peabody in conjunction with road construction in recent years. With or without road improvements Beverly desperately needs relief from the 24/7 highway noise, which can still be heard miles away. Major road construction takes years but sound barriers can be erected with minimal disruption.

State Sen. Joan Lovely and state Rep. Jerry Parisella should use their influence in the Legislature to allocate some of the infrastructure windfall funds for sound barriers from the Exit 44 to Exit 45 to enable Beverly residents to have a conversation outside their homes without being drowned out by Route 128 road noise.

Robert R. Perron Jr.



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