To the editor:

Attention citizens, especially those young people who have never voted, the deadline for registration to vote in the Sept. 1 primary election is Aug. 22. You can easily register online at the secretary of state website (

The Democratic primary has some very interesting races that will decide who is our next congressman and senator. I ask that if you do choose a Democratic ballot in the primary, please consider Ed Markey with your vote for senator. Markey is at the pinnacle of a long career advocating for his constituents on a variety of issues that affect the poor and working class people of our state. He is best known nationally as co-author of the Green New Deal, a blueprint for not only addressing climate change but also economic inequality, infrastructure and universal health care. Markey sees that money and effort spent on getting us off fossil fuels as a win-win proposition, similar to the original New Deal that helped us weather the Great Depression.

Ed Markey deserves to finish his career in a new Senate majority so he can lead the charge he started. The young are behind this old man for a reason. As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said,”When it comes to progressive leadership, it’s not your age that counts. It’s the age of your ideas.”

Peter Willwerth



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