To the editor:

Last week, at the highly attended third Beverly Planning Board public hearing, we did not see or hear any sign that Beverly Crossing developers care about the historic district buildings that will be razed if the current plan goes forward.

I think there is agreement that the restored vibrancy of Rantoul Street is indeed a positive. To now seek to retain some of its history is not to shun progress.

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the Beverly Crossing design that it would provide some affordable housing on-site with-in the proposed block building so: 

Why can’t the creative Beverly Crossing solution be restoration of the historical buildings?

Why can’t all of the apartment space be designated as affordable housing?

Why can’t the street level of these buildings be commercial spaces for all to enjoy?

Why can’t the exterior design be re-created using 2020 materials?

Why can’t there be info plaques and historical pictures displayed?

Depot II could become a talking point in the media and Beverly would find itself in a spotlight, and be seen by other cities and towns as exciting and innovative for finding such a simple, brilliant solution.

The full background of this project can be found in the April 11 Salem News article “Raze historic buildings.” Take a walk, or drive by the GAR Hall on Dane Street to see what could happen.

Come on Beverly, we can do better for the next generations.

Georgia Bills


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