To the editor:

Megan Riccardi is the accessible, collaborative voice who will work effectively for all of Salem’s Ward 6, and she will have my vote on Nov. 5. North Salem has many changes in motion and we need a responsive ward councilor who will advocate for all residents. From those who have lived here all their lives and those who joined our community recently, Megan is a proven organizer and has demonstrated this both in-person and online with her ability to connect with those on all sides of an issue and bringing everyone to the table for a balanced discussion.

I first met Megan when I started a small walking group in the neighborhood; I was impressed with Megan’s voice in our conversations and her desire to include others and better our neighborhood. This was evident in her taking the steps to form the North Street Northfields Neighborhood Association and I have seen her efforts over the last year and a half — she does not just go to meetings, but organizes them, sends out information via her email newsletter, and actively participates in her city.

I am happy to see Megan step up to the plate and serve others as our ward councilor. I know Megan would work hard not just for me, but for everyone in Ward 6 and in Salem, as she has already proven by finding answers and making phone calls for residents with questions and concerns, even without being an official representative for Ward 6.

Liz Polay-Wettengel








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