To the editor:

I am a parent with a second grader in the Salem Public School system and write this letter in support of our schools.

My son is engaged, challenged and respected in his elementary school and we are proud to be part of the Salem Public School community. My child is not a statistic or a number on a sheet of paper. If I thought he was not getting the best education possible I wouldn’t support the system but I firmly believe the “change” everyone is looking for is happening.

Every day I pick up my son from an after-school program and see teachers still hard at work prepping for the next day -- most days after 5 p.m. Every time I come to the school during school hours I see our principal engaging students in the halls, classes and on the playground. Our whole elementary school staff is engaged and invested in our children!

Mayor Driscoll, Superintendent Ruiz and all of the school administrators are also invested! Change is already happening in our schools. Grades are improving, school levels are improving. New amazing talented teachers are being brought into the system for our children. This isn’t just happening at our elementary school. It is system wide -- every school is working and getting the support it needs to address issues and better its reputation. We have people in place now that care and if we continue to give them the chance our system will continue to improve.

Wendy Rivers