To the editor:

On March 3, not only is there going to be a presidential primary but also many other local positions, one of which includes the Republican State Committee.

The committee;s goal is to help grow the local city and town Republican committees and help expand the party throughout the state. One of the candidates, Michael Scarlata, most recently has been an active member of the Peabody Republican City Committee and now wants to take his experience and knowledge to the 2nd Essex District, which includes Peabody, Salem, Danvers, Beverly and Topsfield.

Michael has a proven track record of helping candidates to victory. His goal is to build a Republican grassroots movement throughout the 2nd Essex District, inspire Republicans to run for state and local elections and add a healthy balance of Republicans to a majority-Democratic state. Michael is well known to volunteer for candidates, whether it is going door to door or standing in all kinds of weather holding a yard sign. He is a political activist helping local Republicans succeed and get their message across. He would be a great fit for the Republican State Committee.

Matthew Leonforte


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