To the editor:

Recently, Tom Smith of Beverly Little League and Jamie Silvestri of Beverly Girls Softball League stepped down from their elected positions of president. Both resigning in the same year is probably a rarity in this day and age and both deserve our thanks.

Anyone who has served on a board knows that things don’t get done by themselves. Serving as president means overseeing league registrations, running multiple skills clinics, finding coaches you feel will embody the spirit of the league, ordering equipment and uniforms, assembling teams after evaluations, coordinating practice schedules, creating league schedules, filing taxes, creating budgets, hiring umpires, working with the Department of Public Works on field issues, registering for CORI certifications, fundraising, keeping insurance coverage up to date, raking/lining fields, emptying trash and working with people who lodge complaints. This is just a partial list but please realize this is all done on a volunteer basis. Both of these gentlemen accomplished all this while also coaching in their league, sometimes multiple teams at once.

I am thankful my children were able to play in an atmosphere that was safe, taught the required skills and allowed them to have fun. Both Tom and Jamie were great stewards who saw recreational league sports for what they should be and if you played for, with or against you would have to agree. Combined, they had a positive impact on thousands of Beverly boys and girls lives so if you see either in your travels please thank them for a job well done.

Rick Kelly