To the editor:

As we approach the election on Tuesday, Nov. 5, there are a few things I’d ask residents in the heart of Beverly to keep in mind when they vote on who will replace Jim Latter as their Ward 3 city councilor.

First, please vote in the Ward 3 City Council election. Even though there is no mayoral race this year, your opinion still makes a big difference. Voting for your ward councilor means you care — you care about the roads, the traffic and the infrastructure; you care about the future of the Briscoe building, you care about how the opioid crisis is affecting our neighborhoods; and you care about the future of our great city.

Second, please vote for Kris Silverstein in Ward 3. For well over a decade, Kris has been doing great things for the Beverly schools. I first met Kris when my daughter, now an eighth grader at Beverly Middle Schoo, was just 4 years old. We received a letter from the school department stating that she (along with 16 other little ones) would not be able to attend North Beverly Elementary School for full-day kindergarten because there was no space for them. They were to choose Hannah, Ayers or Centerville and could return to North Beverly in first grade. Well, we all banded together, and with the help of Kris Silverstein, got the School Committee to add a third kindergarten to North Beverly. This vote, I am proud to say, set a precedent in Beverly that children belong in their home schools whenever possible. It wasn’t just the vote going our way that impressed me about Kris, it was the great care and concern she had for all of us newcomers to the system. She took the time to listen to us and she did her homework on the issue; she taught how to best present our information and when to expect a decision. I’ll never forget just how thoroughly she handled our concerns. Kris made us realize just how big an impact our voices could be for our city’s smallest citizens. I am convinced that this shining example of what local politics should be about that Kris set for us is the reason so many of us “2011 North Beverly Kindergarten Moms” (our Facebook group name) went on to become such active parents in the Beverly Public Schools.

That was during her early days on School Committee. Since then, she has been a champion for countless other causes and has been an integral part of the success of the Beverly Public Schools. Kris knows our city and it’s time for her to do even bigger things as she seeks this position on the City Council. She could easily have remained as Ward 3 School Committee representative and president, but she knows in her heart that it’s time to do more for Beverly as a whole. Kris knows how to continue to move Beverly in a positive and productive direction, and she will do so with the best interest of all people, not simply her own agenda, at the core of her intentions. Her proven ability to work with all constituents, not just those who follow her, is not only inspiring, but it’s also brave and it’s what makes her the real thing!

Third, please tell your friends to vote for Kris Silverstein. Judging from the low voter turnout and from talking with people about the Ward 3 September primary, it is very clear that lots of folks out there don’t realize that Kris does in fact need your vote. Just because she’s well respected and has successfully held political positions in Beverly, she can only win the election if she is the candidate with the most votes. So please, spread the word throughout the heart of our great city — Kris Silverstein deserves and would truly appreciate your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Kaarin Robinson

Ward 5 School Committee Candidate


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