To the editor:

As Nov. 5 approaches our communities at a pace I akin with lightning speed, both candidates and voters alike are swimming, occasionally drowning, in a swirling sea of information. With waves of facts, fiction, assumptions and realities swelling up this election season regarding candidates we may, or may not know personally, the challenge of casting a truly educated vote afflicts most of us.

I once again find myself both on the ballot, as well as casting a ballot. I have had the privilege of working with so many incredible individuals who have sought public servitude in various elected official posts here in Beverly. I would like to take this opportunity to share reflections of my working relationship with our School Committee president, Kris Silverstein.

Unfortunately for the Beverly School Committee, Kris has decided not to seek re-election following more than a decade of unwavering commitment. Fortunately for the city of Beverly, specifically Ward 3 residents, Kris has decided to dedicate her treasure trove of knowledge, passion, commitment, experience and more to the Ward 3 city councilor post.

Kris Silverstein is the only candidate in Ward 3 who brings forward a proven record of successfully working within a government body to accomplish daunting feats on behalf of her constituents. I am honored to have served with Kris on the School Committee and have learned much from her assertive, yet collaborative, passionate, yet never offensive, committed to causes, yet not blinded by singular goals, style. My most cherished lesson Kris leaves me with is her proven successes when it comes to being an effective voice on behalf of the public. Kris’s approach to governing is rooted in establishing cohesive relationships at a multitude of levels, and embracing the impressive ability to respectfully disagree while remaining ever mindful of what’s in the best interest of those she represents.

Kris Silverstein has proven she can get the hard work done while embracing the reality of governance by committee. Kris Silverstein is the only choice for Ward 3 city councilor if continued success is what you want for the city of Beverly!

Kelley A. Ferretti

Ward 2 School Committee Representative


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