To the editor:

I have worked as a substitute teacher in the Salem Public School system, more specifically, at Salem High School, for the past 10 years, since 2010.

When the initial stages of the recent coronavirus quarantine procedures began, at that moment in time, I was subbing for an environmental science teacher at Salem High.

Approximately one week into the stay-at-home order, a message was sent to Salem Public Schools employees stating that the quarantine procedures would last for an indefinite period, but to rest assured, that all Salem High School staff would be fully compensated with pay during any quarantine period.

Well, guess what. Yes, you guessed it. Rest assured that all employees of Salem High School will be fully paid — except, as it turns out, for substitute teachers, who are regarded as per diem employees; paid by the city of Salem, yet not afforded any other benefits, or courtesies, that all other Salem High School employees, including paraprofessional employees, are afforded.

As an adult, I have learned that life is not fair. Yet it is now fair for each and every employee of Salem High School, and other Salem Public Schools employees — except for substitute teachers. I just wanted to remind anyone who happens to be reading these words — while life may not be fair for all of us, eventually, we are all rewarded.

Marc Delaney



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