To the editor:

During these unprecedented times, many are looking for ways that they can help those who are vulnerable or in need in our community.

One way that you can support both people and animals is by supporting your local animal shelter. Many animal shelters across Massachusetts are providing essentials to help families and their pets stay together.

Here on the North Shore, Northeast Animal Shelter has been supporting our community by providing thousands of pounds of pet food to families in need and supplying human food pantries in some of the hardest-hit areas with this important resource. We can support NEAS’ critical work by visiting and selecting the “things we need” page to donate pet food that will be distributed to members of our community in need.

I am so grateful that local animal shelters continue to be a valuable resource for both people and animals in our community, even during these difficult times. Together, we can all make a difference!

Carrie Thomas

District Leader

Humane Society of the United States


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