To the editor:

A year passed since my son gave me an Android smartphone. I finally got to start using it after Christmas. I was reluctant to do so as the flip phone was very familiar to me and the smartphone looked all so complicated. It was. After trial and error, and instruction from my son, I got it going. That was the easy part. Next, he said, get a Google account. I tried that at least five times before setting it up.

Here comes the good part. I wanted to transfer my contacts from the Hotmail account to Gmail.

I must have spent at least four to five hours on the phone trying to figure it out. So I went to the George Peabody Institute Public Library in Danvers to try it at one of their computers. Once again, stuck. In desperation I asked the librarian at the Reference Desk for help. The librarian asked another librarian to figure it out, and together both women found a way to solve the problem. They gave me written instructions and still I could not do it. Finally once again in desperation, I asked for help and the lady solved my problem. She made the transfer. However, the Hotmail account did not send all of my contacts over to Gmail. Once again, “Help!” Once again the librarian solved the problem. This was all online at library’s computer. The next day I tried to send an email on my Android phone on Gmail but they didn’t show up. Guess what? Back to the library after several futile attempts to send a message. There at the Reference Desk I met another librarian who got my contacts on the smartphone (not so smartphone after all), and taught me about Wi-Fi.

I still can’t remember what these gals did. On the way out, another librarian gave more instructions on Wi-Fi and she said as long as it was used I would not lose data that is megabytes or gigabytes or what ever. Anyway, from there to the nursing home, which has Wi-Fi, to visit my wife. I used the phone but still lost data. Got home, called the Reference Desk again. She said you have to use a password at nursing home to use Wi-Fi, but not at the Danvers Library.

The moral of the story is that the librarians at the George Peabody Institute Library are not only keepers of books. They are technical wizards with respect to computers, the internet and not so very smart smartphones. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the Danvers Peabody Institute Public Library. (This letter was composed using Gmail. If it is printed, one knows it works.)

Philip J. Celeste


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