To the editor:

We write to thank everyone who contributed to an amazing accomplishment. On Dec. 10, Salem Children’s Charity hosted the 26th annual “Salem’s Christmas Party” at the Hawthorne Hotel.

You may be aware that charitable giving has decreased nationally. Despite that fact, Salem’s Christmas Party experienced great attendance and raised more than $26,000.

How is this money spent? Who makes the decisions?

The process for disbursal of funds is unique and based entirely on professional regard and trust. A member of the school community notices a child or a child’s family experiencing a struggle that is “beyond the norm” of troubles. He/she generally makes a designated person in the school aware of the situation. That person contacts our disbursement officer and explains the situation. Done! The disbursement officer writes a check or provides gift cards for food, clothing, shelter, emergency transportation, et al.

Examples of Salem Children’s Charity’s efforts range from providing children without resources the educational and recreational opportunities available to their more financially fortunate schoolmates to providing emergency assistance to families whose lives have been disrupted by traumatic events such as fires, illness of child or parent, sudden loss of a parent, etc.

None of this is possible without the long, long list of contributors, headed by our friends at the Hawthorne Hotel. The Hawthorne stepped up a couple of years ago when our long time first home was yanked out from under us. They have morphed from our rescuer into our partner. It is their generosity that makes it possible for virtually all proceeds to go directly toward Salem’s children in need.

This brings up the question of overhead. You might ask: “How much of what I give goes to the charity’s purpose? How much goes to overhead? How many employees are there?” These are very fair questions. In the case of Salem Children’s Charity the answer is simple. Virtually 100% (outside of stamps, signage, etc. Even these are sometimes donated). There are NO employees or paid administrators. Everyone involved is a volunteer. We all thank you and invite you to join us next December for No. 27.

If you wish to contribute to this uniquely Salem effort to stand by Salem’s children simply send a check to Salem Children’s Charity, P.O. Box 102, Salem, MA 01970 or contribute through our website:

Again, on behalf of Salem Children’s Charity, Thank you! Your contributions are most appreciated.

Brendan Walsh


Salem Children’s Charity

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