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On June 9 I woke up to the worst day of my life. I found my husband in severe medical distress. I called 911 and the person who answered was completely professional and in control, calming my daughter and myself to perform what was necessary until the paramedics, fire department and police department could arrive. I do not know your name, but thank you.

The paramedics, fire and police arrived very quickly. They all were very professional, compassionate and empathetic. They worked diligently to assist my husband. I, again, am very grateful to your efforts, although I do not know your names. When the whole ordeal was over, there was not one person who was involved who did not give 100% of themselves. I really wished I knew everyone’s names to thank you individually. I do know Peabody police officer Williams and Detective Murphy could not have been more compassionate and sympathetic throughout the whole ordeal. I want to thank all of those involved that morning for their efforts and compassion. I do not think we could ask for a better set of first responders than those in Peabody.

Maryann Wolff 



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