To the editor:

After more than 50 years of calling Salem home, Joe and Helen Salerno are leaving. As they go, I want to convey a note of appreciation to the city of Salem. Times are vastly different than when we came of age in the 70s and 80s, but through the years Salem always provided.

We had one car for most of my childhood, so on occasion we took advantage of public transportation. No, that’s not another way to refer to Uber or Lyft. We would stand at the bus stop, whatever the weather, praying we had the correct bus schedule to minimize our time in the elements.

Mom and Dad also couldn’t rely on packages of clothing and food magically appearing at their doorstep. When we needed necessities, we packed into our wood-paneled station wagon and drive to Crosby’s or Almy’s. The car didn’t have much; no GPS, Bluetooth, satellite radio, position sensors or power everything. It did, however, have a push button cigarette lighter. Talk about modern technology.

As for school, Dad was assistant superintendent in Salem; of course we attended public schools. For 20 years, Salerno kids terrorized the teachers of Horace Mann, Saltonstall, and both high schools. To every teacher who had to put up with us, I universally thank you and apologize.

Now the Salerno name is departing the city we love. On behalf of Joe, Helen, and their children, thank you Salem. You will always be our hometown.


Jeff Salerno


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