To the editor:

Seth Moulton dropped out of the presidential race, saying his candidacy was a success at raising “issues vitally important to the American people.” That is one reason I rejoice in this wide field of candidates. It has made us discuss issues.

Certainly it has identified what Democrats feel are common problems, whether climate change or the injustice to minorities or the inequality of opportunities existing in this nation. The candidates differ on solutions to these issues but they have uncovered a lot of common ground and done it with much civility. The differences will remain but the Democrats form a platform around what they agree on. And it will be about the needs of the people of America and the world rather than those of our current president.

For those complaining that ‘too many” people are running to be the presidential candidate, try giving thanks. First, because so many are willing to put themselves forward in our time of need. Second, because each candidate is getting to know the strengths , expertise and talents of the others. The final candidate will already have a good picture of who can best serve in the new administration. I’m glad that so many are willing to do so.

Elizabeth Losa


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