To the editor:

The Danvers Garden Club would like to thank Peter Gibney of Gibney Gardens in Danvers for providing the beautiful floral baskets now hanging in downtown Danvers.

We would also like to extend special thanks to Kevin Donnelly and the Line Operations Division of the Danvers Electric Department for hanging the baskets. Special thanks to Stephanie Doherty for all her help in coordinating the team to put up the flowers.

We would especially like to thank the following individuals who generously sponsored these baskets: 

Adrianne and Bill Bradstreet, in memory of Kay Langley; Jacquie and John Cavanagh, in memory of Gertrude Cavanagh; Peggy Coyne, in memory of Nancy Coyne; Priscilla and Leo Curda in memory of Sylvia Bean; Jo-Ann and Galo Emerson, sponsored by Putnam Pantry; Ann and Kevin Farley in memory of Vincent and Marie Farley and Edwin and Victoria O’Connor; Sue and John Farmer, in memory of Joann Leclerc and Denise Farmer; Ann and Bill Fouhey, in memory of Eleanor Fouhey and Jeannette Guerriero; Diane, Gary and Nicole Langlais in memory of Richard Hennessey; Michelle, Danny, Nicole and Tyler Dustin in memory of John Dustin; and Carolyn Johnson, Janet Marshall, Marguerite Parkman and Sue Robertson, in memory of Dorothy Chorebanian.

Also ,the Klemm family, in memory of Edward A. “Skip” Klemm; Maryann and Donald Kowalski, in memory of the deceased members of the Caruso and Kowalski families; Diane, Gary and Nicole Langlais, in memory of Gary Langlais; Julie and Mark McCarriston, in memory of Helen, Geoff and Sheila Finn and Arlene McCarriston; Grace Phinney, in memory of Stu and Jeff Phinney; Deborah Sauer, in memory of Eleanor Day; Tricia Saunders, in memory of Patrick and Lorraine Courtney, Dan Donovan and Jeffrey Saunders; Lee Sears, in memory of Jack Sears; Lee Sears, in memory of Bill and Steven Bekel; Mariellen Simpson, in memory of the Frink family; Betsey Powers-Sinclair, in memory of Evelyn Powers; Judy Drouin, in memory of Larry Drouin; Sharon Taskey, in memory the “Ohio” Burns family; Judie Tripoli, in honor of Michael Frank Tripoli Jr.; Sandra Waddell, in memory of the Patterson family; and Phyllis and Rodger Budgell in memory of Carmalinda and Demo Agganis.

Julie McCarriston, Michelle Dustin and June Fraser

Danvers Garden Club


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