To the editor:

After reading the May 4 Salem News story about the 9,500 protective gowns that disappeared en route to Northeast Arc, I found myself wondering how we’re going to get through this pandemic. Northeast Arc, a Danvers-based nonprofit that works with the intellectually and physically disabled, had teamed with 16 other organizations to meet minimum order requirements to order Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their workers. The shipment arrived at Customs in California mid-April, and then disappeared.

What would have happened to those PPEs if it weren’t for the work of Congressman Moulton’s office to successfully find the equipment and get the protective gear delivered to those essential workers? We shouldn’t have to rely on members of Congress to sleuth for wayward shipments but when push comes to shove I’m glad Congressman Moulton is here to deliver constituent services to our district.

Christine Nuccio



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