To the editor:

I am responding to Arthur Powell’s Oct. 23 letter (“Beverly can make history”), where he urges voters to “bullet vote” a woman for the position of Beverly City Council president. He writes “be selective” and advocate for “a woman.” Voting blindly for a nameless candidate based only on sex is ignorant gender discrimination!

“The woman candidate” has a name. She is the Rev. Julie Flowers of the First Baptist Church in Beverly. Her votes have been primarily guided by Jesus’ teachings. In her past term, Rev. Flowers has brought national and international issues onto the floor at City Council, where they do not belong. On the Beverly scene, the front sidewalk of the First Baptist Church has grown into the largest cement park on Cabot Street, usurping the travel lanes.

I urge the voters of Beverly to look at the records of the three at-large candidates, and vote only for the ones who share their viewpoints the most. Three votes for three candidates are allowed.

Beatrice Heinze


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