To the editor:

In watching the debates so far, I offer a “thumbs up” to U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton. Three things come to mind on his opponents’ criticisms.

First, it takes courage to try new things. Thomas Edison didn’t invent the electric light bulb on the first try, and in Congress trying things is what is needed in order to create the movements of change. As a younger person bringing new ideas to the floor, I support the efforts Seth has succeeded in doing, and I don’t hold optics against him. His mental health bill and efforts are strong and are needed. Try, try again in order to get to succeed.

Second, during this time of such political chaos nationally, it is not time to leave those whom we know for someone who has no track record. We need to continue the efforts Seth has shown leadership undertaking. Too many risks are involved in trying to take that away.

Third, I have lost hope with the presidential leadership and have found strength in the town halls I have attended led by Seth, his efforts to bring people together, and in his work with veterans. The Peabody veterans gathering this past year was extremely moving.

We need more efforts to bring people together, and Seth’s track record in doing so deserves our support.

Thomas A. Peltz



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