To the editor:

Gov. Charlie Baker needs to reconsider his position on further funding for the police departments while they continue to deny victims their civil and human rights. It is time for our elected officials to step up to the plate to protect the citizens they represent and not further empower police.

Police certification will further advance the careers of police officers. It appears Massachusetts has been behind in licensing of police officers. Most states already have certification and still there is no accountability or transparency. Many lives have been lost apparently due to inadequate training, which the taxpayers have been paying for all along.

Funding needs to be allocated to address the victims’ families and racially disenfranchised, providing them with a better economic future, creating jobs, and equal protection under the law to ensure our justice system is fair and equal.

State Rep. Paul Tucker, a former Salem police chief, recognizes it is time to create trust in our police department, and fix the broken system.

Beverly Tarsook


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